Mission Menace 2 Rh

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The Menace® II is an ideal bow for beginning archers that are still growing into the sport. With ultimate adjustability, the Menace® II sports a draw length range of 17-30 inches and 15-52 pounds of draw weight adjustment, all without the need of a bow press. Featuring a perimeter-weighted dual cam system, the Menace® II is smooth and balanced. With a physical weight of just 2.8 pounds, the Menace® II is perfect for shooters that may be smaller in stature.

Fully Machined Riser Extruded
Drawlength 17-30" (fully adjustable in 1" increments - no spare parts required!)
String Silencers D-Amplifiers
String Suppression N/A
Grip Rubberized
Bowstrings Zebra
Cam(s) 2 Cam Modular
Cable Guard Carbon Rod

Right Hand

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